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La petite Forêt

Escape completely 


find your inner peace



Monday and Fridays follow up one another, weekly goals are set, achieved and each day you kick ass at work and at the gym. You know you are more effective and energized when you take time for a bit of self care, but it seems you often have other priorities. So week after week, it's a bigger challenge to keep up the pace. 


You need me-time, but a couple of weeks off to travel is just too long . To take a bit of me-time you decide to get out of the city center for the weekend. Not too far away but in the middle of nature. 


Friday 6 PM, you hop in the car and the first stop is your favorite foodie supermarket. You wander through the aisles and buy fresh bread & cheese for the night. 2 min after exiting the highway, in the middle of the countryside, your GPS sends you in a humpy-bumpy (muddy) road (luckily you skipped the car wash). Hmmm, this road can never lead to the holiday house of the pictures, right? 


There it is,  hidden between the trees, totally disconnected, an old farmhouse breathing the slow pace of yesteryear. Bubbles cold in the fridge, and while you put on the fireplace you hear your buddy popping the bottle and filling the glasses. Time for cheese, bread and a glass of wine and finally time to read that book you wanted to start for months ...


Enjoy... #innerpeace 


holiday cottage

19th century cosy cottage surrounded by meadows in the hilly countryside of Brussels. 


Foodie Hotspot


Big Green Egg & Lacanche Range Cooker at your service



Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them
A. A. Milne

holiday house garden
Tubby Tub
Tubby Tub


Wash away all your troubles with our tubby tub bubbles...

pizza oven
Home Baked Pizza

Oven: planned  for Summer 2021 
For now our Big Green Egg and pizza peel are happy to serve your pizzas! 

Interior Love


"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.

Juan Montoya

hottub icon
Wood Fired Hot Tub 


Sit, soak, drink, relax and look at the stars in our wood-fired oak Burgundy barrel 


things to do



Easy to steer clear from Brussels sprouts but difficult to keep your hands of Belgian chocolates, fries, waffles and beers.

Belgium city tripping


Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp or Leuven,
it's all just a stone's throw away
of our cottage.

Europe city tripping 


London, Paris, Amsterdam and Luxembourg, a few of Europe's gems are only 2 hours aways by train or car.

Horse riding


Surrounded by horse meadows, whether you're a zero or a hero, we'll find a riding school fitting your needs.



Professional massages in a highly reputable wellness complex? Waerboom is the place to be. 

Snuggle in front of the fireplace and safeguard the relaxed feeling for the weekend...



“A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks.”  The Royal Belgian Golfclub or Golf De Kluizen' around the corner only 2 swings away.



Football lover? Spoil your partner with some me-time in the bath tub, jazzy music and a good book while you sneak out to the Heysel stadium? 
Win-Win isn't it?

Countryside hiking


Digital Detox? Just take your hiking boots and hike from one meadow to the other without even touching a single inch of concrete.

Off-road Adventures


Keep your friends close, but the Farmers closer, as they often help you out of the mud. 


(Ypres, Belgium)

Geweldige plek om te genieten in eigen land. Ook voor de hobbykok is al het nodige aanwezig om er een lekker weekend van te maken. Attente en zeer bereikbare verhuurders, we zouden zo terug willen!

about us

about us 

We are only temporary guardians of historic estate


We are Fred and Elke and we have a 19th-century cosy farmhouse located in the countryside close to Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. We renovated our cottage over the last couple of months so it regained its splendour of yesteryear. We tried to restore it by only using antique and/or old (re-used or up-cycled) building materials without compromising on today’s comfort. 

Our house is our happy place, it's next to a (humpy bumpy) private road in a forest which allows you to disconnect completely from a busy life and find your inner peace in the middle of nature. 

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